Dangal based on hindu ethos, Aamir Khan stardom test in Secret Superstar
Thursday, June 01, 2017

Aamir Khan production Dangal, starring the story of Hindu Phogat family of girl wrestlers of Haryana, is doing very well in china. Infact according to unconfirmed reports the movie may even do nearly USD170 million there. This has suddenly come out of nowhere in light of blockbuster release of Baahubali 2 (which hasn't released in China and a lot of other places yet) but if the Dangal collections there are true, then that means for Aamir Khan his movie has done better in China than in India itself where Dangal's all India collections  will be nearly tripled by Baahubali 2 in terms of gross ticket sales across the country.

Good news for Khan who complained about intolerance in India after Narendra Modi rose to power, may finally have found a country to move to: China. Bad news is he will have to realize China is appreciating the Indian Haryanvi hindu female upliftment characterization of Dangal based on the real life Phogat family sisters, and projecting it to their own world.

Because when it comes to intolerance, and specifically intolerance against Islam, China has actually made its muslim imaams dance on the streets forcing them to utter 'our income comes from the Chinese Communist Party not allah'. (see link).   China government has also in 2017 banned the name 'Mohammed' recently outright.

Given so much 'intolerance', despite the film screening there, Aamir Khan, like the rest of the Bollywood intolerance brigade, will likely be applying to renew his Indian passport still.

What's more it can be argued Aamir Khan's and most of the other Khans' success in Bollywood has been mostly when linked to hindu cultural ethos (be it a 3 idiots which is take on hindu middle class and education system or Dangal now on the story of Phogats). It is the attraction to that culture that is what is drawing the audience not Aamir Khan. Because it will be seen how Aamir Khan's similar attempt in the muslim genre in the upcoming Secret Superstar will fare. Odds are it won't do anywhere near Dangal.


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