Baahubali2 rules South Asia, brings Khan-Johar-Chopra Bollywood to its knees
Sunday, April 30, 2017

After registering the biggest hit and grosser of 2015 in Baahubali 1 in India, its successor Baahubali2: The Conclusion is in 2017 recording collections current bollywood can only dream of on its own steam.

Although some Bollywood names like Karan Johar have attached their names to this blockbuster, 2017's bollywood has nothing to do with the overpowering demand for, let alone the content of Baahubali. The demand for it in north india and hindi heartland now exceeds any 'hindi' movie by Johar or Aditya Chopra or anyone else considered a bigname in so called Bollywood out of Mumbai.

The film is making history because it is laced with Greater India hindu iconography which links north and the south despite language variance (replete with deep references to Ramayan and Mahabharat), 6 packed hindu stars from south and no khan, but with still superior technicals. It is averaging 150 crores gross collections every day. By the end of Sunday it will have already collected over Rs. 500 crores and is on track to be South Asia's biggest blockbuster ever.

What will be worrying for Bollywood is not just what Baahubali has unleashed, but that Hollywood too has been gradually making inroads. The Indian audiences, from north to south, are becoming more and more receptive to Hollywood than what they consider to be Bollywood's distortive cinemas. So unless Bollywood moves to change its tracks, it could start facing a wipeout from greater India altogether and be reduced to pockets.


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