Q and A: What will be box office for Amitabh's Buddah?
Sunday, June 19, 2011

Q: What is Badrinath?
A: There's Badrinath, famous site of Uttarkhand and it is also title of Telugu film which is currently the number one ranked film in India

Q: What is the verdict on the Akshay Kumar recent films?
A: Tees Maar Khan - Flop, Patiala House - Flop, Thank You - Flop

Q: So what will be the box office fate of Amitabh's Buddah Hoga Tera Baap?
A:  After news of recent Rajnikanth successes down south, this type of film had/has great potential for Bachchan. Had this movie released 10 years ago after original KBC instead of a movie like Mohabbatein, it would have taken probably a toplevel opening (ie in today's parlance a Rs. 90-100 crore week). Because it harkens to an era when Amitabh actually used to be a legitimate #1 crowd pulling superstar at the box office on a regular basis. Today there are more questions. Over the last decade, Amitabh, unlike Rajnikanth, accepted just about anything with movies like K3G, KANK not to mention countless special appearance and character roles which went against continuity of his 'Vijay' era symbolism, which was the basis for his stardom.  Now they're going back to it, but an entire generation has been skipped who simply isn't aware of Bachchan's peak days (barring a whiff in Bunty/Babli briefly in 2005). Most of the ticket buying audience (18-35) crowd never ever even saw Agneepath or the Hum queues in theaters let alone Deewar or Natwarlal, which is what you want if you want a hit film out of this. In terms of prerelease content for this film, after the original promo of  BHTB which was well received, the new song promos with Raveena Tandon as well as 'beep' promos are once again spiraling the film down and coming across as awkwardly forced and haphazardly put together, more like the late 90s flop Bachchan  films instead. Section of public which may have been intrigued initially doesn't know what they're going to get here, Nishabd  or Bunty&Babli, Lal Badshah  or Aakhree Raasta .  That said, at 10 crores the budget is miniscule and it will take a bigger opening than Amitabh Bachchan's last few films in India.

Q: How big a hit were Gadar and Lagaan? What was their impact on the industry?
A: Gadar was a bigger hit than Lagaan but it was a blockbuster primarily in Punjab and Delhi city and successful enough elsewhere.  If you ask south indian cinema hall owners Gadar wouldn't make the top 10.  Infact its suggested predecessor Hum Aapke Hai Kaun's collection in even Bombay were not broken till 2006 (5 years after Gadar, 12 years after HAHK) till the multiplex-rates driven Lage Raho Munnabhai was released. Gadar did well in areas and theaters where a lot of media acclaimed hits of that era (Lagaan, Taal, Dil Chahta Hai, K3G etc) were either mediocre or outright flops so that was its main separating characteristic as box office story.



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