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Top Films Produced Under The Banner Of Ronnie Screwvala

RankFilm NameYearRaw NetAdjusted Net
1.KamineyAug 14 2009Rs. 42,03,21,059Rs. 50,52,98,912
2.Dhan Dhana Dhan GoalNov 23 2007Rs. 17,20,96,325Rs. 25,73,88,768
3.MetroMay 11 2007Rs. 17,03,37,837Rs. 25,47,58,768
4.Delhi BellyJul 1 2011Rs. 24,06,22,331Rs. 24,06,22,336
5.Chup Chup KeJun 9 2006Rs. 13,45,12,325Rs. 23,66,78,896
6.Dev DFeb 6 2009Rs. 14,69,61,130Rs. 17,66,72,816
7.Welcome To SajjanpurSep 19 2008Rs. 11,35,54,573Rs. 14,85,04,432
8.Chance Pe DanceJan 15 2010Rs. 10,92,65,178Rs. 11,75,67,752
9.Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!Nov 28 2008Rs. 6,74,54,130Rs. 8,82,15,176
10.Hat TrickMar 16 2007Rs. 4,71,22,286Rs. 7,04,76,512
11.Main Aur Mrs KhannaOct 16 2009Rs. 5,68,88,418Rs. 6,83,89,760
12.Chillar PartyJul 8 2011Rs. 6,36,81,036Rs. 6,36,81,036
13.HattrickMar 16 2007Rs. 21,50,741Rs. 32,16,667*
14.KisaanMar 20 2009Rs. 3,45,240Rs. 4,15,038*
15.Hook Ya CrookDec 31 2012Rs. Rs.
16.Alibaba And The 41 ThievesDec 31 2012Rs. Rs.
17.Paan Singh TomarMar 9 2012Rs. Rs.
18.Season GreetingsDec 31 2012Rs. Rs.
19.Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge (2008)Dec 31 2012Rs. Rs.
20.Thank YouApr 8 2011Rs. Rs.
21.Johnny MastanaDec 31 2012Rs. Rs.
22.Peter Gaya Kaam SeDec 31 2010Rs. Rs.
Total Box Office Impact Rs. 2,23,18,86,869

* Note: Figures for some films are calculated from available partial BO collections, which can be as low as one or two cities sometimes. So they may not be accurate. Gross figures for the top 10 films of each year pre-2001 and for all films since 2001, however, have been confirmed and are on the mark