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Available Box Office Results For Ashok Gaikwad

RankFilm NameYearRaw GrossAdjusted Gross
1.Izzat (1991)Jun 21 1991Rs. 3,10,00,000Rs. 37,55,08,736
2.Police OfficerJun 5 1992Rs. 2,70,00,000Rs. 29,78,02,752
3.Phool Aur AngaarApr 2 1993Rs. 2,60,00,000Rs. 26,11,22,864
4.Doodh Ka KarzAug 31 1990Rs. 1,80,00,000Rs. 23,94,55,168
5.GairNov 5 1999Rs. 4,00,00,000Rs. 22,89,66,096
6.Krishan AvtaarJun 25 1993Rs. 1,85,00,000Rs. 18,57,98,960
7.HastiMay 21 1993Rs. 1,55,00,000Rs. 15,56,69,408
8.SarphiraApr 10 1992Rs. 1,09,00,000Rs. 12,02,24,080
9.Raja Ki Aayegi BaaraatOct 18 1996Rs. 1,50,00,000Rs. 11,37,31,992
10.Qatil (1988)Dec 23 1988Rs. 55,00,000Rs. 8,82,47,256
11.Maa Kasam (1999)Nov 5 1999Rs. 1,40,00,000Rs. 8,01,38,136
12.ParwaneNov 12 1993Rs. 45,00,000Rs. 4,51,94,344
13.Gunehgar KaunMar 15 1991Rs. Rs.
Total Box Office Impact Rs. 2,19,18,59,792

* Note: Figures for some films are calculated from available partial BO collections, which can be as low as one or two cities sometimes. So they may not be accurate. Gross figures for the top 10 films of each year pre-2001 and for all films since 2001, however, have been confirmed and are on the mark