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Results for Week Updated May-14-2017
Rank Film Week Week's Domestic Nett. (Rs.)* Total Domestic Nett. (Rs.)* USA Weekend ($) USA Gross ($) UK Weekend (£) UK Gross (£) Overseas Gross (Rs.) Commercial Verdict
1.Raajakumara7Rs. ------
2.Maanje Bistre4Rs. ------
3.Guardians of the Galaxy1Rs. ------
4.Baahubali 22Rs. ------
5.Baahubali 22Rs. ------
6.Baahubali 2 2Rs. ------
*Indian collections are reported Nett of Gross, overseas figures are gross. Indian gross figures are roughly 140-150% of Nett collections
Latest Box Office Flash: Bluffmaster collects big 1st week despite mixed response; Dosti, Life Ho To Aisi opening
Trade Journal View (Complete Cinema)- Hits of Bihar

Industry Journal updated Dec-20-2008 IST
 Subhash Ghai offers Rs. 1 crore for script
 IMPAA seeks revocation of Railway Shooting Hike
 Cinemax reports highest ever collections in May
 Bachchan and Aamir Khan in farmland controversy
 PNC in deal with Motion Pixel for 5 films
 Cinemax opens at Guwahati
Recent Media News - updated Dec-20-2008 11:02 AM IST
 No split in this camp!
 You sang with me
 Fear may keep films away from landmarks
 India’s first H’wood director

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Annual Box Office Review
2005. The top grossers of 2005, the top stars of the year, the bankable genres, the market shares, the collection trends. IBOS presents the 2005 Annual Box Office Review.
Week 1 Apharan and Gangaajal collection comparision (Rs. Lakhs)
  Mumbai172.98 52.29
  Ahmedabad36.64 15.18
  Delhi81.18 69.10
  Jaipur9.89 3.50
  Calcutta27.38 22.38
  Jamnagar2.52 0.15
  Chennai4.43 2.59
  Jalgaon2.21 1.73
  Bareilly1.61 1.34
  Raipur2.51 2.34
  Allahabad3.51 3.57
  Moradabad1.76 2.49
  Ghaziabad7.36 8.86
  Rajkot3.74 5.92
Initial Weeks in (Hyderabad)
Nett Rs.
  3 IdiotsRs. 2,10,00,000
  GhajiniRs. 2,05,70,535
  KrrishRs. 1,34,09,203
  SIKRs. 1,10,76,417
  DTCBARs. 1,10,10,583
Shahid Kapoor Box Office Profile
Adjusted Nett Collections
  Kaminey2009Rs. 50.5 cr
  BC2010Rs. 38.0 cr
  Jab We Met2007Rs. 37.8 cr
  KK2008Rs. 32.9 cr
  DHP2005Rs. 26.0 cr
  Chup Chup Ke2006Rs. 23.7 cr
  DBH2009Rs. 23.4 cr
  Fida2004Rs. 22.5 cr
  Ishq Vishk2003Rs. 20.7 cr
  Fool & Final2007Rs. 15.7 cr

Most Sought Movies for Today
1.   Karan Arjun
2.   Sholay
3.   Bhola Bhala
4.   Lal Chunariya
5.   Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Today's Most Searched Actors
1.   mithun chakraborty
2.   salman Khan
3.   Govinda
4.   Meenakshi Sheshadri
5.   Saif Ali Khan
White Paper
IBOS analysts bring to light the commercial workings of the industry. On display: The Box Office Paper explains the current trade rating scheme for the Industry
This date in the past in Bombay...
Naseeb (1998)Dec-18-1998Vinay Kumar Sinha855%Rs. 16,30,980
Pyasi Atma (1998)Dec-18-1998Gautam Dhariwal238%Rs. 1,15,822
PurushDec-18-1992Neo Films Association545%Rs. 2,51,589
Meri Awaaz SunoDec-18-1981G A Seshagiri Rao2599%Rs. 11,51,000
Main Aur Mera HaathiDec-18-1981C Dhandayuthpani1167%Rs. 3,26,636
Be ShaqueDec-18-1981R Somnath1270%Rs. 2,92,750
Viewer Feedback
Viewer writes
"The domination of cinema in the US and UK by large corporate distribution is turning movies into a bland homogenised mix dictated by economics and not by creativity. It is killing diversity in what gets made, and making it very difficult for people to see a broad range of expression. It squeezes out foreign films from domestic markets. It feeds global economic domination and cultural imperialism. If India needs to strengthen its control of its internal market in order to protect itself against outside domination that is understandable. But beware that you don't create your own version of narrow creative formula."
      --Jon, Hampshire, UK

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Box Office Note
Did You KnowAt one point, Calcutta used to gross collections comparable to Mumbai
The I-Tracker
The I-Tracker. tracks the average initial week collections for films starring various actors across numerous markets over this current decade
Net Collections in Chennai
  Ghajini150.90 lkh5
  Krrish135.96 lkh5
  JA87.52 lkh8
  RDB71.16 lkh11
  Race67.14 lkh4